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Donna Loren (born March 7, 1947) is an American singer and actress. A prolific performer in the 1960s, she was the "Dr Pepper Girl" from 1963 to 1968, featured female vocalist on Shindig, and a cast member of the American International Pictures Beach Party movie franchise. She was signed to Capitol Records in 1964, releasing several singles and the Beach Blanket Bingo LP soundtrack, which included her signature song "It Only Hurts When I Cry".

Loren guest starred on episodic television series including Dr. Kildare, Batman, and The Monkees, as well as appearing regularly on network and local variety and music shows.

In 1968, Loren retired from her career to marry and raise a family. She recorded again in the 1980s and ran her own fashion business, ADASA Hawaii, throughout the 1990-2000s. In 2009, she returned to performing, and her most recent releases include the album Love It Away (2010) and the EP Donna Does Elvis in Hawaii (2010), as well as the compilation These Are the Good Times: The Complete Capitol Recordings (2014). Her first book, Pop Sixties: Shindig!, Dick Clark, Beach Party, and Photographs from the Donna Loren Archive, was released in 2017. A fan of Donna Loren shares some thoughts about ¨Beach Blanket Bingo: The Very Best of Donna Loren¨ a compilation album with some of her hits, "A great bio piece someone else put together on Donna Loren earlier; but come on! Knocking the bulk of this collection because it happens to also cover the "Beach Blanket Bingo" soundtrack is a bit short-sighted. Loren's (available recorded) singing credits are in their own right pretty outstanding vocally. But face it, many of the songs in "BBB" were pretty crummy to begin with, no matter who did them ("Fly Boy", "I am my Ideal", "These are the Good Times")! This collection is worth having for the better songs - "Blowing out the Candle", "Ten Good Reasons", "Only Hurts when I Cry", "I'll Never Change Him". Also her versions of "Call Me", "If you Really Love Me", "Smokey Joe's" etc.; and the downright silly, whimsical numbers like "I'm in love with the Ticket Taker" and "Johnny's Got Something". I hope there will eventually be a further, more thorough release of Loren's other works that also include some of her "Shindig" performances like "Wedding Song", "You've Got Personality", etc.. Lastly, in my own "fan follow-up" search on Loren's whereabouts, she does have a clothing line in Hawaii with its own website. I don't know if she maintains the site herself, but speaking as a "new generation" fan, she doesn't seem to respond to people writing in. By contrast, another fave of mine Diane Renay sent me a nice response the very same day when I wrote her a fan letter email. To me that little extra effort means a lot!"


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